How To Clean Your Shoes

Dirty work boots got you down? Trust us, we know you spend a pretty penny on that working footwear. Don’t let your hard-earned money hit the trashcan while your boots are still in their prime! We’ve got the best tips that will add some shine back to your boots and help to extend their life.

Cleaning the leather by hand is the safest choice to preserve the form and quality of your jacket. To clean it by hand, it works best if you can solidly hang it up so you can scrub all parts of the leather. If you’re in a pinch, a mild dish soap in a bucket of water will work just fine. If you are worried about the soap or if you just want the best, a good cleaner like Icon’s leather cleaner , will be perfect. Be sure to use a microfiber cloth so there is nothing left behind on the jacket and so it is non-abrasive when you are scrubbing. When you are done applying the soap or cleaner, take a clean cloth and wipe the jacket down to remove any excess.

At Stanley Steemer, we use a proprietary system to clean and moisturize your leather and we can also provide optional protector for your leather. We will begin by applying and removing a cleaner that removes damaging soils. Next, the leather is heated to open pores and accept the moisturizer that leaves your leather feeling as soft and supple as the day it was made. If you choose, we will then re-heat the leather and apply a protector that will actually fill in the cracks where soils typically settle, preventing future damage. All of these steps are completed by our fully trained leather care specialists.

With glycerin based cleaners you do not want any of the glycerin left on or in the shoe leather as it will continue to dry out the leather over time. For this reason, when using a glycerin based cleaner you want to rub the cleaner into the shoe gently with a sea sponge, but hard enough to raise a slight foam, then wipe the foam off with a clean sponge (rinse out the sponge in clean warm water). I would suggest wiping the shoe off a couple of times to make sure the glycerin is gone.

A Nubuck has a nap and it would seem that your jacket needs to have the nap raised. Without having seen the jacket, it’s difficult to know if home care is the correct recommendation. Your jacket may need a good professional cleaning. However, Arrow has an inexpensive kit available that you can use to raise the nap on nubuck jackets – and shoes. Also, the kit allows you to gently clean lightly soiled nubuck. You’ll find it at /products – and the good news is that you can use it for raising the nap on suede jackets, too.